Bahar (#600493)

Bahar attends high school and is an intelligent student. Her father suffers from a neurological disease and works as a motor courier. Her mother is a cleaner. This family of six lives in a rented one-bedroom house. Another source of income for them is subsidies, which do not cover their living expenses, including housing, education, food and clothing. They are in dire need of financial support.
Date of Birth: 1385 / 2006
Location: تهران - قلعه حسن خان

Morteza (#801047)

Morteza is studying in primary school. Morteza's father died of a respiratory illness in 1994, and he lives in a rented house with his mother and brother. Their neighborhood is a deprived neighborhood. He is a very good and polite boy. His mother suffers from severe anemia and Morteza has a lazy eyes. His mother does not work for anemia and taking care of children. Morteza's two sisters work and live in dormitories in another city to support themselves and to support the family as well. The money for rent house is provided by the work of the girls and the loans of the relief committee. They are in dire need and should be supported.
Date of Birth: 1387
Location: خمین

Mahsa (#110666)

Mahsa attends primary school and is accepted with excellent grades. Her parents are divorced. The mother is a dental assistant and has a small income. Another source of income is the Relief and Subsidies Committee. They own a home. They need financial support.
Date of Birth: 1387 / 2008
Location: تهران- دولت آباد

Mohammad Hossein (#110665)

Mohammad Hossein is hyperactive and is studying in primary school. His parents have divorced and he is the only child in the family. They live in his uncle house and their only source of income is welfare and subsidies. These families need all-round financial support to make a living.
Date of Birth: 1390 / 2011
Location: رباط کریم

The Stories of Our Children

Artina (#600508)

Artina is studying in elementary school. The father was addicted but about 3 years Quitting addiction. The mother is suffering from severe depression. The father is simple worker and has a low income. Her older sister is 17 years old and has dropped out of school she is working to make ends meet. This family of 4 lives in a rented room, and needs all kinds of help.
Date of Birth: 1391
Location: تهران - قلعه حسن خان

Armin (#801025)

Armin is studying in primary school. The average of the previous year is 19.75, Armin suffers from anemia. Armin's parents are separated due to his father's addiction, now his mother is Armin's guardian. After the divorce, Armin and his mother live in the grandmother's house, where in addition to Armin and his mother and grandmother, two aunts and uncles also live with them. Armin and his mother are the only source of subsidies. Armin has no financial support from anyone, therefore face difficult conditions.
Date of Birth: 1386/2007
Location: جیرفت شهرک شهید بهشتی

Sahar (#801048)

Sahar is studying in elementary school. Sahar's father suffered from a high fever as a child and due to the lack of facilities , he suffered from a disability in the hand area. According to the Medical Commission, the Welfare Department has a disability of 55. Sahar's mother also cannot work due to take care of her young child and her husband. They have a lot of trouble earning a living and educating their children. The family of four currently lives in the house of the children's uncle, who is still single and does not need a home for now.Another concern of this family is that they are worried about where they should live if their uncle gets married.

Date of Birth: 1389/2010

Location: خمین

Hosein (#110643)

Hosein is in high school. His father, who was addicted to alcohol, left the family years ago. The family is covered by the charity and the relief committee. This family of 3 lives in a rented room. They need all kinds of help.
Date of Birth: 1385/2006
Location: رباط کریم حومه جنوب غربی تهران

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