The Stories of Our Children

Kolsoum (#800947)

Kolsoum is an excellent and talented student .Father is unable to work due to foot disability.Mother thrives a lot and seasonally works on fields to support the 7- member family but they still struggle with terrible conditions and are in need for all encompassing support.

Date of Birth: 1385

Location: جیرفت - عنبرآباد - روستای امیرآباد

Sania (#600181)

Soniya is in high school.Her father has passed away due to his addiction.Her mother is sick and therefore unemployed.Soniya has two siblings.This family of four lives in their uncle's place,which is just two tiny rooms.Soniya's older brother has dropped out of school and is working as a blacksmith in order to bring food to their table.This family lives in a very unfortunate situation and is in desperate need of your help.

Date of Birth: 1384

Sajad  (#301469)

Sajad studies in primary school and his father has passed away because of Alzheimer. Sajad's mother is a simple dressmaker and makes little money. They live in a one bedroom apartment.

Date of Birth: 1391

Location: رباط کریم- دهات غرب تهران

Mehdi (#800882) 

Mehdi is attending high school. The father has died of a heart attack and the children have been severely damaged mentally. They are very indebted to the burial and burial grounds. This 3-person family lives in an uncle's house. Their income is through subsidies and committees. This family needs help.

Date of Birth: 1385

Sana (#301187)

Sana is 5 years old. Father died. Mother is a housewife and has arthritis and taking care of the children. The family live in Sistan-Baluchistan province, which is the poorest province in the country. The four-member family living in a rented room. House furniture is old and worn. This family needs help to continue their lives.

Location: سیستان و بلوچستان