The Stories of Our Children

Farzin (#801145)

Farzin is studying in high school. The father has died. The mother has a foot disability and difficulty walking. This family of two lives in a rural house that needs to be repaired with old furniture. This house must be inherited after the death of the father because the father had a previous marriage. This family needs help. 
Date of Birth: 1386/2007 
Location: خمین

Fatemeh (#801138)

Fatemeh is studying in primary school. The parents are separated. The family of three lives in a room in their grandfather's house. Her grandfather has a mental illness and is hospitalized at home. All means of life are old and in need of replacement. This family needs all kinds of help. 
Date of Birth: 1388/2009 
Location: شیراز - جهرم

Javad (#600551)

Javad is studying in primary school. His father has died and his mother has abandoned him and remarried. Javad is under the care of his grandmother, who works in a people houses. They are a tenant. Her income is very low and doesn't cover even the rent , and she is in need of charitable donations. 
Date of Birth: 1389 / 2010 
Location: شهریار

Malek (#600547) 

Malek is studying in primary school. The father died of cancer and he is under the care of the mother. Unfortunately, the mother has a nervous breakdown and is unable to work. Malik's uncle helps them but does not cover all the expenses of this family. The support of respected benefactors will be a beacon of hope in their lives. 
Date of Birth: 1389 / 2010 
Location: شهریار- میدان امام- خیابان 15 خرداد

Yasaman (#600548)

Yasaman is studying in high school with very good grades. The father has died. Yasaman lives with her mother and a brother in a very small house in an unsuitable basement. The mother earns little by working on the subway. This family is in dire need of generous hands of good benefactors to make a living. 
Date of Birth: 1388 / 2009 
Location: تهران- خیابان 15 خرداد- کوچه شهید حقانی