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The Stories of Our Children

Amir Mehdi  (#801437)

Amir Mahdi studies in primary school. He is a polite and kind boy and he needs a bicycle to go to school in the neighboring village, which costs less than the school service. He has an older sister who studies in the city and has high travel expenses. The parents are separated and the custody of the two children is with the mother. This family has rented a part of the village welfare building and lives there. Mother does sewing work at home and earns a little income. Unfortunately, the mother's income is not enough to support her children's living and education expenses. This family needs financial support. Due to the poor conditions, the needy family has $45 per month.

Date of Birth: 1389 / 2010

Location: خمین- روستای دهنو-

Zeinab (#800610)

Zeinab is studying in primary school. Father died. The mother suffers from osteoporosis and spinal disc and poor vision, however, to earn some money she is carpet weaving but her income is not enough to pay for the family expenses. The family's only income is through subsidies and relief committees. This 3-member family is in need of help.

Date of Birth: 1388

Location: قم

Zahra  (#210522)

Zahra attends primary school and is an intelligent and well-educated student. She is an active and curious girl who is very interested in Volleyball. Her father is congenitally blind and therefore unable to work outside the home. The mother works part-time on people's lands. This family of four is living a difficult life despite having two children and an unemployed father, and they are in dire need of financial assistance.

Date of Birth: 1389 / 2010

Location: فارس- شیراز- ارسنجان

Salar (#100796)

Salar studies in primary school with very good grades. Salar has a lazy eye problem and should be under the doctor's supervision regularly. He has a sister older than him, and together with his mother and sister, they live in a rented house. The mother works as a laborer to help support her living expenses, but unfortunately, her income does not cover the housing and education expenses of her children. This family is in dire need of financial support.

Date of Birth: 1392 / 2013

Location: تهران- وصفنارد

Sana (#302013)

Sana is studying in the last year of primary school with very good grades. Sana has two sisters, one of whom is a student in high school and the other is a from her mother second marriage and is a minor. The father, who was a worker, died due to a heart disease, and the mother took care of her two children and remarried after many years and they live in the house of the brother-in-law. The mother is not able to work because of taking care of her young child and needs financial support to meet the all-round expenses of life and education of her two student children.

Date of Birth: 1389 / 2010

Location: سرپل ذهاب- روستای قرآویز

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